Limda Host has now launched an AlmaLinux public mirror in their Bangladesh data center.

Limda Host is delighted to announce the launch of our exceptional AlmaLinux public mirror in our state-of-the-art data center situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This remarkable development is specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of our Bangladeshi data center users and the general public.

Our mirror provides users with the opportunity to effortlessly update and install packages for their AlmaLinux server (including VPS Server, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server, Colocation, etc.) directly from our local mirror.

This incredible feature offers significant benefits to Bangladeshi users, delivering faster download speeds and eliminating latency issues typically associated with international mirrors. With our mirror, users can effortlessly manage their AlmaLinux server, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest packages.

Trust Limda Host as your go-to AlmaLinux mirror provider in Bangladesh. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency by utilizing our cutting-edge infrastructure to meet your server’s demands with ease.

Visit our Limda Host Almalinux Mirror Bangladesh at today and unlock a world of possibilities for your hosting needs.

If you prefer to use your favorite Almalinux mirror, Limda Host Mirror (BD) for all your package install, updates, and upgrades on your AlmaLinux operating system, you can easily configure it by following these instructions:

Paste the below command on your server

chmod +x

Verify that the configuration is working correctly by checking the repository list using the command:

yum repolist

If there are no errors and the repository list is displayed without issues, it indicates that the configuration has been successfully updated.

By following these instructions, you can effortlessly utilize our preferred mirror, hosted by Limda Host, for all your yum operations, guaranteeing efficient and reliable package management on your AlmaLinux operating system.

Choose Limda mirror as your go-to solution for seamless and optimized yum installs, updates, and upgrades on your AlmaLinux operating system. Experience the benefits of our high-performance infrastructure by accessing the mirror at

What is Mirror?
A mirror website refers to a duplicate or replica of a website or its files hosted on a different server. The purpose of a mirror site is to provide availability and redundancy by allowing users to access the same content from multiple locations. While a mirror site has its own unique URL, it replicates the exact content and files found on the original or principal site. Load-balancing mechanisms are often employed to distribute the workload across multiple mirror sites, enabling high-traffic websites to handle increased user demand more efficiently.

Regular updates are typically performed on mirror sites to ensure they remain synchronized with the original site’s content. Occasionally, the original site may establish a mirror site at a larger facility with faster network connectivity and closer proximity to a larger user base, aiming to enhance accessibility and improve user experience.

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